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The Hoplite was a free citizen, that made up the bulk of the fighting force of the Grecian armies. These soldiers were loyal and steadfast in their defense of their states. We are proud to introduce the Hoplite Series of holsters in homage to these fierce warriors. The Hoplite series is a tough and capable companion for anyone that conceal carries. These holsters are made to exacting specifications of rigidity and retention, because there is no compromise when it comes to personal defense.

Hoplite Series Holster (Base)

Draw Hand
Sweat Guard
Weapon Light
Belt Clip
  • All Blackheart Tactical Holsters come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defect and damage resulting in the product failing.


    There is also a 30 day "Love It or Leave It" return policy. If for any reason within the first 30 days of ownership you decide this product is not for you we will replace it or refund you. (This return is not valid on any custom printed design or camoflauge) 

  • If for any reason we do not have your gun, you can make arrangements with us to purchase the mold you want a holster for. As long as you agree that we can keep the mold once done, we will send you a completed holster in return.